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Summerland Varieties Corp.

Intellectual Property Management for
World-Class Tree Fruits​

More than a Quarter Century of Experience

Established during the earliest days of Plant Breeders’ Rights in Canada, SVC has accumulated decades of global experience in plant protection, trademarking, licensing and enforcement.

As international plant intellectual property laws have evolved and adapted, so have we.

An Exceptional Portfolio of Unique Varieties

SVC is honoured to represent the breeders and rights owners of world-renowned apples, cherries and berries. These fruit varieties are often distinguished by desirable attributes such as appearance, taste, texture, size, harvest timing and shelf-life.

The proprietary genetics that comprise many of our newest releases were developed over a century of plant breeding, resulting in truly unique fruit varieties that are exceedingly difficult for others to emulate.

Trademark cherries

  • Staccato Logo
  • Sentennial Logo
  • Sovereign Logo
  • Suite Note Logo
  • Sofia Logo
  • Cristalina Logo
  • Sonata Logo
  • Satin Logo
  • Samba Logo
  • Celeste Logo
  • Starletta Logo
  • Starblush Logo
  • Starlate Logo
  • Stardust Logo

summerland™ Series cherries

  • Sweetheart Logo
  • Santina Logo
  • Skeena Logo
  • Lapins Logo
  • Sandra Rose Logo
  • Sylvia Logo
  • Sonnet Logo

summerland™ series apples

  • Mcintosh Logo
  • Scarlett Sentinel Logo
  • September Sentinel Logo
  • Bright McIntosh Logo
  • Sunrise Logo
  • Creston Logo
  • Sabina Logo
  • Spencer Logo
  • Chinook Logo
  • Spartan Logo
  • Summerred Logo
  • Sumac Logo
  • Jubilee Logo
  • Silken Logo
  • Sinta Logo
  • Golden Sentinel Logo
  • Shamrock Logo
  • Stirling Logo


  • Squamish Logo
  • Rudi Logo
  • Chemainus Logo
  • Saanich Logo
  • Malahat Logo
  • Cowichan Logo
  • Esquimalt Logo
  • Stolo Logo

Committed and Knowledgeable Representation

SVC treasures the fruit varieties entrusted to us, so we work tirelessly to provide our breeders and rights owners with strong, active and informed representation. SVC is deeply involved in every stage of commercialization. Our thorough qualification, authorization, verification and compliance processes ensure that our testing, nursery, growing, packing and marketing partners maintain their good standing in our program. We have extensive knowledge of international intellectual property laws and multijurisdictional experience in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

A Global Network of Trusted Partners

SVC is widely known and well connected. We have enduring commercial relationships with many of the world’s top tree fruit nurseries, growers, packers and marketers. We are advised by leading scientists, horticulturalists and legal experts.

We collaborate with research consortiums, plant breeder associations, tree fruit grower associations, marketing clubs and government agencies.

Contact us to enquire about:

  • Breeder or Rights Owner Representation
  • Licensing Opportunities
  • Testing
  • Research and Development

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