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BC893384 (Chemainus™)

‘Chemainus’ is a suited for both processing and fresh market use. This variety also displays resistance to Amphorophora agathonica, an aphid vector of the raspberry mosaic virus (RMV) complex. Although susceptible to raspberry bushy dwarf virus (RBDV), ‘Chemainus’ experiences a long delay before symptoms of crumbly fruit appear and it does not express symptoms of yellow leaves.

Parentage: ‘BC 82-5-84’ x ‘Tulameen’
Habit: Highly vigorous with an upright habit
Production: High Yields
Harvest Timing: 1-3 days earlier than ‘Meeker’
Bloom Timing: ‘Tulameen’ timing
Fertility: Self-fertile
Fruit Shape: Long and conical with fine drupelets
Fruit Color: Medium to dark red
Average Fruit Weight: 3.7g
Firmness (Newtons): 2.60N (Firm)
Machine Harvestable: Yes
IQF: Yes