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BC92641 (Ukee™)

‘Ukee’ is well adapted to both machine harvesting / processing, IQF and the fresh market. This variety has been very slow to become infected with raspberry bushy dwarf virus (RBDV), despite high pressures for a number of years, suggesting moderate tolerance. It is also resistant to Amphorophora agathonica, an aphid vector of the raspberry mosaic virus (RMV) complex and has tested negative to RMV ever since the genotype was selected.

Parentage: ‘Chilliwack’ x ‘BC 86-41-15’
Habit: Upright, medium vigor
Production: High Yielding
Harvest timing: ‘Meeker’ timing
Fertility: Self
Fruit shape: Conical with small drupelets
Fruit color: Medium to light red with low gloss and some dusty appearance
Average fruit weight: 3.8g
Firmness (Newtons): Firm
Machine Harvestable: Yes
IQF: Yes, but more testing required