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BC89278 (Esquimalt™)

‘Esquimalt’ produces high yields of firm fruit that are larger than ‘Tulameen’. This variety is well suited for local fresh market outlets and U-pick operations. It is not recommended for machine harvesting or long distance travel as it can be challenging to transport due to the large drupelets and thin skin that are prone to bruising and can bleed.

Parentage: ‘Comox’ x ‘Glen Ample’
Habit: Very vigorous
Production: High yields
Harvest Timing: Mid to late season
Bloom Timing: Mid season
Fertility: Self fertile
Fruit Shape: Broad conical, large drupes
Fruit Color: Light to medium red
Average fruit weight: 4.9g
Firmness (Newtons): 2.45N (Firm)
Machine Harvestable: No