Cider Apples
Yarlington Mill

Introduced in the 19th century from Yarlington, West Cadbury, England.  Fruit are small to medium in size, conic, pale yellow background with red blush over colour.    Flesh is firm, juicy, fine textured, sweet and mildly bitter, good aroma and flavour.  Vintage quality cider which has good body and is mildly bitter, good stand-alone single-varietal.  Not good for eating and oxidizes quickly when cut.  Harvest is mid-late season.  Tree is precocious, productive, wide branch angles (can droop) but biennial bearing can be an issue.  Lots of blind wood but responds well to scoring.  Mid-late season bloom.  Fire blight susceptible.  Doesn’t produce many feathers until 2nd year..

Bittersweet: Tannins >0.2%, Malic acid <0.45%
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