About Us

Budwood Orchard

SVC operates 20 beautiful acres of high-health budwood orchard, playing a pivotal role in supplying Canadian and international growers and testers with virus-free, true to type propagative tree fruit materials. We work closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to ensure maintenance of virus-free status.

Variety Rights Management

SVC varieties are protected under plant breeders’ rights legislation.  We provide licenses to growers, nurseries, packers and marketers and collect licensing fees and royalties on behalf of the individual breeders and owners.  The names of some SVC varieties are trademarked to control market territories and ensuring the best possible quality for consumers.

Variety Development

Variety development requires two steps:

  1. Grower Testing: SVC coordinates first-level grower tests of new selections at numerous sites throughout Canada. The most promising new varieties are included in large, second-level tests to evaluate the effect of packing and acceptability of fruit in the marketplace
  2. Commercialization: SVC works with the variety owner to obtain plant breeders’ rights and trademarks in the countries where the new variety will be grown and marketed.  We develop a strategy for introducing the variety both domestically and internationally, which includes variety promotion, quality control, and restrictions on marketing territory.  

Extension Services

We provide extension services for all new variety introductions.  Services are provided by a variety specialist and include guidance on best practices such as pruning, harvest maturity, and shipping and handling of fruit.

Royalties and Licences

Once intellectual property rights (Plant Breeders’ Rights and Trademarks) have been obtained and a variety is available for commercial production, growers typically pay the variety owner a fee to secure the right to grow trees. 

The grower may pay royalties to the owner as fruit is produced and sold. Royalty rates may differ between varieties and are generally subject to review from time to time. Often with new varieties, growers will pay a levy on the sale of fruit, which is used for marketing and other activities benefitting the varieties chances in the marketplace. 

Nurseries may be licensed to produce trees of protected varieties, and some protected varieties may be licensed on an exclusive basis for which license fees are paid.