Procedures For Ordering Budwood

Open for Budwood Orders

How to Order:

Complete our Order Request Form and we will be in touch to confirm availability. For any changes or additions to your order, email us at

Budwood Available:

See current Catalogue

Limited Wood Availability:

Virus free material of select varieties may be in short supply. Growers are encouraged to order early.


Cutting and handling as per Catalogue

Ordering Dates:

Scion Wood: November to January

Budwood: May to July

Shipping Dates:

SVC will confirm with grower prior to applicable season.

Changes to Order/Cancellations:

Notification should be provided as soon as possible. SVC reserves the right to apply a cancellation charge or a restocking fee per bud or scion.

Ownership of Varieties:

SVC represents owners of selections or varieties and acts on their instructions. Test selections and varieties and the propagative material are the property of the owner and may not be distributed, propagated or be bulked up without the consent of the owner or the owner’s representative. Growers will be required to sign a Grower Agreement to purchase wood of protected varieties.

Evaluation Programme:

Those interested should contact SVC. See Evaluation programme

Plant Health:

Plant viruses can be passed on by insects, nematodes and pollen, but mechanical means (such as budding and grafting) are the most common methods of transmission. Viruses can adversely affect the bud take, tree vigor and cropping of all genus of tree fruits. The effects can range from weak trees to death of the tree. When propagating their stock growers and nursery owners are encouraged to use the virus-free Certified Budwood Orchard operated by SVC.

Complaint Procedures:

SVC must be notified of any material that does not meet with customer satisfaction due to condition or quantity within one week of receipt of material. Replacement of scion material that has failed to propagate will only be considered for replacement within one year from date of receipt of the bud or scion.

Outside Canada

An Import Permit from the country importing from Canada is required. Orders will be shipped according to the client’s instructions and at client's expense. SVC will arrange for inspections and disbursal of the following documentation to the proper authorities where necessary:

  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Invoices
  • Copies of the Import Permit