A World Class Apple
About Ambrosia Apples

Found as a chance seedling in British Columbia, Canada, Ambrosia apples boast a smooth skin, with a bright, almost iridescent pink blush washed over a classic cream covered canvas.  The juicy flesh, slow to oxidize and brown offers a fine, crisp texture, and once bitten into treats the palate to a sweet, low acid flavour that is heavenly!

Slow to brown due to its low oxidization, Ambrosia apples are ideal for salads and fruit plates and are equally delightful to eat all by themselves.

Perfect for Baking & Snacking Alike

Ambrosia's ability to maintain its shape when cooked make it the perfect choice for pies, tarts and baking, and because of its natural sweetness, Ambrosias require very little extra sugar compared to other apple varieties.

A sweet delight to savour and to see, Ambrosia is shattering the "red is best" barrier with its multi-coloured beauty and magnificent taste.

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A Delight
for Your Senses

In 2003, in a side-by-side comparison of Ambrosia and Fuji apples by Asian consumers, Ambrosia had higher mean scores for visual appearance and taste, and 75-95% of consumers indicated they would buy Ambrosia over Fuji apples.